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Helpful Resources

Below are a number of online resources to help you manage your diabetes including websites, forms and useful downloads.

However, please note that they may change. Please let me know of any sites that you find that are no longer available when you try to access them. They are for your information only please be guided by your health care team.


GI Database


Australian Dietary Guidelines

Accredited DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating)

Diabetes Queensland – making healthy food shopping easy

Diabetes Australia VIC – Healthy Eating Video

Exercise and Sports Science Practitioners
Find an exercise physiologist near you to help you with your exercise program

Counselling and Mental Health

Managing your diabetes can create significant challenges to your mental health and can lead to diabetes burnout. Getting support is really important to keep you on top of things.

Diabetes Can’t Stop me (Previously Online Diabetes Counselling)


Black Dog Institute
Information and support for people affected by depression and bipolar disorders

Beyond Blue
Online and telephone support and information for people living with depression or anxiety. or 1300 224 636


SANE Australia
Information, programs and campaigns for people affected by mental illness.

Crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services or 13 11 14

Drug and Alcohol Counselling

Information and support service for people who want to quit smoking or 13 78 48

Counselling Online
Drug and alcohol counselling online and information for drug users, their families and others or 1800 888 236

Reach Out
Online youth mental health service, with information on alcohol and other drugs.

Accredited Optometrists

Find an Optometrist near you

Accredited Podiatrists
Find a podiatrist near you

Australian Dental Association

Find a dentist to help you look after your oral health


Driving for people with diabetes
New medical standards for assessing fitness to drive

Diabetes and Driving Booklet
Advice on extra precautions you need to take to help maximise road safety - Find this in the 'Driving' section of this website

For Young Adults

myD - An interactive online NDSS resource for people aged 16-25 living with diabetes.

For Children & teens

Children with Diabetes
An online community for children with diabetes and their families
Kids and Teens with Diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Information on research into juvenile diabetes

Kids Helpline
Telephone and online counselling service for young people aged 5-25 or 1800 551 800

Health advice, mental health counselling and information for young people aged 12-25.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Society
Information and resources about diabetes in pregnancy
The Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society (ADIPS)



Commercial healthcare website with information on a wide range of health issues including diabetes


Peak Bodies


Australian Diabetes Society

Australia Diabetes Educators Association

Heart Foundation

Kidney Health Australia

Stroke Foundation

Cancer Council

Carers Australia

International Diabetes Associations

International Diabetes Federation

American Diabetes Association

Canadian Diabetes Association

Diabetes New Zealand

Diabetes United Kingdom

young people
Mental Health
Government Services
peak bodies
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